All the Benefits of Reading


A short spot I directed and animated for Literati


Direction & Animation

Design & Illustration

VO + Producer




Behind the Scenes

Literati offers award-winning book clubs for kids of all ages, sent to your doorstep monthly. The team at Harter Creative asked me to help with creating an animated video to give an overview of Literati to new and potential subscribers. We were tasked with highlighting the main features of Literati while bringing life and energy to a character who is inspired with a love of reading.


I began by creating several moodboards of different artist's work to identify a style. The client chose a combination of these two: one more abstract, bright, shape-driven style and the other, a simplified, bright, character-driven style.

Style Exploration

I brought on the expertise of master designer Barret Thomson to illustrate the character and design the boards. Early style explorations had a boy with many different color variations. Eventually the character became a girl with a colander on her head, to highlight the imaginative nature of kids.


Barret created these boards to show the progression of scenes. It's best to start with rough sketches, then move on the polished full designs.
Sketched Boards – Feb 5, 2020
Early Pass of Designed Boards – Feb 19, 2020


On to the fun part: I took Barret's Photoshop designs into After Effects, including this huge scene below, and began building out the animation.
Final Opening Scene by Barret Thomson

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