I directed and animated several short spots for Freshpet.

Wunderdogs – 2020

Wunderdogs – 2021

Vote – 2019


Direction & Animation

Design (Wunderdogs)

Illustration (Vote)




Behind the Scenes

Freshpet has a unique ideology on how to feed our pets: use fresh, whole ingredients and keep refrigerated where meats belong. Freshpet also started an annual campaign called Fresh Start, where fan-nominated rescues around the country receive a cash donation. Freshpet asked the team at Harter Creative to help spread the information through short animated videos.

Design and Illustration

For Wunderdogs 2020, I enlisted the design and illustration mastery of Barret Thomson. He took the references and ideas we pulled together, and created several beautiful boards.
Wonderdogs – Nominate, First Pass, Mar 24, 2020
Wonderdogs – Nominate, Third Pass, April 1, 2020
Some new poses were drawn on paper first
For Vote 2019, my talented wife Kristina helped with the initial illustrations. She started with basic sketches in ProCreate on the iPad Pro.
Original colors and illustrations can be seen here. Initially I took a more abstract home design, but eventually made the homes feel more like city buildings to represent the rescue organizations. Additionally, our initial yellow was changed to match the Freshpet Green.


To animate the pets, I used Limber in After Effects for the legs and Joysticks and Sliders for the major position rigging. Most movements are looped for an automated neutral stance, with the acting changes animated over top.

More Work