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LEGO and Roku

A short spot I art directed and animated for LEGO in collaboration with Roku.


Design, 2D & 3D Animation

Direction & Script

Special Thanks



Behind the Scenes

Roku asked the team at Harter Creative to create a 15 second spot to air on their streaming channel before certain movies, brought to viewers in collaboration with LEGO. The basic idea was that 2D characters were going to become wild LEGO creations by using a remote control, in line with LEGO's current Rebuild The World campaign.


While the concept remained the same, the style changed (and improved, IMO) dramatically.
Each row represents scenes from a different iteration.

LEGO Building

While the final renders were created with Cinema 4D and Arnold, I used the digital LEGO software BrickLink Studio to build virtual models I could then export the geometry to C4D. For example, I used Studio to create a LEGO version of a Roku Remote.
BrickLink Studio 2.0
Original Roku Reference (left) and LEGO renders from C4D (right)

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